Whiskey Deodorant is Now a Thing

Whiskey is not just for your mouth anymore.

A Colorado couple has launched a Kickstarter to fund a line of whiskey-based deodorants. Jason and Erica Feucht of Loveland, Colorado, run Distilled Bath & Body, making organic spray-on deodorants using whiskey and “essential oils.” They are hoping the crowdfunding will get their new “Pit Liquor” off the ground.

The couple is hoping to raise $12,000 by November 22.

The Best Deodorant I've Ever Used

There are three scents including lavender, vanilla, and black pepper. According to the Feucht’s, the whiskey based formula “works because we use incredibly high-alcohol-content (organic) liquor. Each of our other ingredients is present to help your underarm be a microbiome free of stench-causing bacteria. We’ve done over a year of research and trials to figure out the best way to quench your stench and have a little fun with it.”

The alcohol scent diffuses when sprayed on, so the user won’t smell like a late Friday night. The mix also uses arrowroot, which is an antimicrobial powder that keeps those underarms dry. They also add salt to the spray so it won’t be something anyone would think about tipping back.

A one ounce container will set you back $8 and a 3.4 ounce bottle will run $12.

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