4 ways your home office can work in your living space

Working from home has many advantages but sometimes your living space suffers. Here are a few tips to make your work space work for your living space.

If your living spacing is cluttered with your work papers, laptops, books and files then you’re home office and your living space aren’t working together. Here are 5 ways to bring the spaces together.

1. Define your space

Set out a space that is yours. Clear it out and start making it your own. Don’t just work wherever your laptop lands.

2. Contrasts

When it comes to colour, zoning is key for creating dedicated spaces in the working home. By using contrasting colours, you are almost creating a dual purpose for the room. Which means your dining room can work as your office and vice versa.

3. Store it

We don’t live in a paperless world, yet. Until that day comes, there will always be books and files. Don’t just pile them up anywhere – create a dedicated space that will work will the flow of your living area.

4. All about colour

Use a palette like Dulux’s 2017 colour trend that has cool and calming tones for focus and concentration. The brighter and warmer accents in the palette create an energising and stimulating environment. Contrasting these colours create a perfect balance between work and life.

5. Paint your space

Dulux’s new colour palette for 2017 shows off calming tones that help you focus and concentrate. Other colours are bright and vibrant to encourage energy. So whatever room you’re working from in your house, let the colour palette tell the story.

Source: https://www.foodandhome.co.za/entertaining/4-ways-home-office-can-work-living-space