TenTwo: A Luxury Watch Rental Club in Singapore

A luxury watch subscription service which gives members access to a six-digit collection including pieces from Rolex, Panerai, Omega and more.

Women have the world when it comes to the right accessory, but the options for men are pretty limited. If you are not one that gets to wear a tie to work every day, there is no point of a tie-clip or a collar pin and the options are further diminished. But who does not like a timepiece on their wrist that catches everyone's attention? If you like to make a statement every time someone sees your wrist, then carry on reading, we have got just the thing for you. And that too for just a straight subscription fee.

Launched in January 2018, TenTwo is a luxury watch subscription service which gives members access to a six-digit collection – including pieces from Rolex, Panerai, Omega and more – from just $179 per month.

Vanilla Luxury: What does TenTwo mean?

Daniel Krumiel: Bit of horology geekism here! If you look at any picture of a watch, you’ll notice that the hands are nearly always set to ‘10’ and ‘2’ (10:10:35 to be exact!). It’s a little trick used by the watch industry to make watches look their best, as it’s the most symmetrical and aesthetically-pleasing position for the hands. Check out the photos of our collection at www.tentwo.club to see it in action!

Vanilla Luxury: What made you decide to launch TenTwo?

Daniel Krumiel: The idea came about when one of the founders, Dan K, was looking to start a personal collection. Dan M, who’s an avid watch collector, lent him a Seiko MM300 for a week just to try it out. While it wasn’t quite right for Dan K in the end (he ended up buying a Tudor Black Bay instead!) it was great fun to try out a different watch - especially before buying - and we thought it would be a great concept to offer to others.

Vanilla Luxury: What are the various brands of watches TenTwo carries?

Daniel Krumiel: The collection currently includes pieces from Rolex, IWC, Omega, Panerai, Tudor, Zenith, Cartier and Nomos – some of the best and biggest watch brands in the world. Our goal was to create a diverse, high-end collection that would appeal to watch junkies like us as well as first-time buyers (or renters!) who are just starting out.

In terms of what’s popular, iconic pieces from brands like Rolex are always in demand, but our members’ favourites are actually really diverse – in particular, the Cartier Santos 100 and the Panerai PAM312 have been real hits.

Vanilla Luxury: As luxury watches are expensive, is this your personal collection put together?

Daniel Krumiel: All the watches in the collection were bought specifically for TenTwo. It was the most fun we’ve had shopping in a while, getting free reign to build the ultimate watch collection!

Vanilla Luxury: Why should someone rent instead of buying their very first timepiece?

Daniel Krumiel: Timepieces can be an investment, but as with all investment decisions, it’s important to know what you're doing.

For a first-time purchaser, buying badly is a very easy mistake to make. A showroom or sales environment is great for viewing a wide range of models in-person, but buying new can be costly later on if you later decide the watch isn’t quite right for you (perhaps it looked great with jeans, but won’t fit under a cuff or vice versa). Buying used or secondhand is cheaper, but comes with its own risks - there are a lot of fake or ‘frankenstein’ watches floating around, and unless you have a lot of experience it is easy to get caught out.

With TenTwo, you can try out a number of different watches to see what best suits your lifestyle and which watch, style or brand you really love. It also offers all the benefits of having access to a large, diverse and exciting watch collection; something that most enthusiasts dream of but which takes many years and a lot of money to build. TenTwo gives members the opportunity to wear high-calibre watches from Day 1 at a fraction of the cost.

Source: http://vanillaluxury.sg/magazine/tentwo-luxury-watch-rental-club-singapore