Exceptional Culinary Travel Experiences in Europe

As a global leader in premium escorted travel, Insight Vacations ® has been crafting magical journeys for almost 40 years that embody The Art of Traveling in Style™. Travellers looking to indulge in regional flavours of Europe, Insight’s many premium journeys have culinary experiences as a key component of each itinerary.

When you travel with Insight, you will be introduced to authentic experiences, fascinating activities and expert insights that you could never enjoy as an independent traveller.

Learn about the different cuisines and cultures as you travel through Europe. With Insight Vacations, guests will learn how food is harvested from farmers and fishermen before they dine on Farm-to-Table meals, attend hands-on cooking classes in Italy, or enjoy home-cooked meals during Dine-at-Home evenings with local hosts.

Here are a few of Insight’s many exceptional culinary experiences:

1. Exclusive Dining in The Vatican

On the ‘Italian Elegance’ itinerary, guests can enjoy an exclusive Signature Evening inside the Vatican after it closes to the public. This is in addition to a morning VIP access entry into the Vatican Museums where there is a private guided tour of Saint Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

2. Oyster Tasting in Croatia

During the ‘Country Roads of Croatia’ journey, travellers accompany Tomislav to his floating barges and watch him harvest oysters straight from the sea. They then sample the freshly shucked molluscs with a squeeze of lemon and a glass of crisp local wine.

3. “Dine-at- Home” Dinner in Sarajevo

On the ‘Eastern Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera’ journey, guests are invited into a Sarajevan family’s home for a Dine-at- Home dinner. They’ll savour authentic Bosnian cuisine and hear inspirational stories about the beautiful city’s resilient people, rich culture, and wonderful traditions.

4. Pasta Making with Chef Lorenzo in Orvieto, Italy

At a restaurant in the medieval heart of Orvieto, guests on the ‘European Dream’ journey learn how to make fresh pasta by hand during a live cooking demonstration by Chef Lorenzo Polegri. His passion for Italian cuisine comes through as guests savour the delicious flavours he creates.

5. The Art of Strudel-Making in Budapest

On the ‘Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna and Prague’ journey guests visit a traditional strudel house and see pastry chefs at work stretching the dough and readying the fillings, then enjoy a delectable taste of this famous delicacy paired with rich, aromatic coffee.

6. Paella Demonstration in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is home to one of the world’s greatest dishes, paella. While on the ‘Highlights of Spain’ journey, guests meet the chef at a local family-run restaurant in the heart of the Old City and learn the traditional recipe for paella during a cooking demonstration. Next, they savour the delicious flavours of this classic dish with a glass of sangria during a Highlight Dinner.

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