5 kitchens decorated with eye-catching patterned tiles

Creating an interesting, eye-catching kitchen is as easy as choosing the right tile designs for your walls or floors.

Here, we see 5 kitchens, which have fun patterned tiles that decorate the space without it looking overbearing!

With otherwise neutral tones like light wood and black in this kitchen, intricate designs on the floors help make a statement.

A haphazard geometric design under the kitchen counter adds to the pastel palette in this kitchen.

A coral blue hue on the haxgonal floor tiles brightens up the overall kitchen space.

Patterned tiles on the floor here help segregate the kitchen from other parts of the home.

Source: https://www.homeanddecor.com.sg/articles/109647-5-kitchens-decorated-eye-catching-patterned-tiles/kitchenpatternedtiles1--slide-1