Singapore Skincare Brand UNI-® Invites You to Rediscover the Original Wonder

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, is designed to grow, heal and stay healthy through cell regeneration, a natural process that occurs when ideal conditions and nutrients are present. With the Singapore skincare brand UNI-®, your skin’s natural healing ability is increased, and the process of cellular turnover is accelerated.

One of the most important nutrients for human body is Chitin, a micro-biomaterial is found in the exoskeleton of crustaceans and cell walls of fungi. Chitin is now taking the attention of researchers as an exceptional biomaterial that aids in the restoration of tissue defects, healing of wounds and avoiding retractive scar formation.

When applied in skincare, its effects and benefits are found to be extraordinarily outstanding, from accelerating the regeneration of cells, healing of skin and relief skin of sensitivity, to anti-bacterial, anti-acne, anti-aging, moisturising and more!

Born in Singapore, UNI-® is a skincare brand co-founded by Winnie Wu and Garie Goh, who share a common set of ideals and expectations for the brand. Firmly believing in the timeless appeal of “natural, pure and healthy”, they were readily prepared to harness the love and joy inherent in natural beauty. Wu and Goh established a distinctive skincare brand with an international outlook based on these ethos.

The name UNI-® represents the brand’s philosophies. It symbolises the universe where UNI-® draw its inspiration and ingredients from, and it is also ‘universal’, as many of its products can be used by anyone and everyone. Lastly, UNI-® means ‘unique’, as it truly recognises individuality, committing itself to accommodate the skincare exigence of each unique person.

Second from left:Ms Winnie Wu, Founder of the Singapore Skincare Brand UNI- ;

First from right:Mr Garie Goh, Co-founder & CEO of the Singapore Skincare Brand UNI-

5 years ago, Wu embarked on a journey to find a cure for her child’s skin allergies caused by insect bites. With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a wealth of resources, she led her team to develop an all-natural skincare ingredient which successfully restored her child’s skin. Known as MIRA®, this exclusive natural extract becomes the main component of UNI-®’s skincare formula, which effectively stimulates skin cells’ regenerative ability and improve skin immunity.

“I believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest. UNI-® brings health and joy to the people I love, I truly hope it can reach out to the world to benefit more people.” recounted Wu in an interview. Inspired by her own personal experience, Wu is now motivated by a mission to empower consumers to treat and take care of their skin.

“Winnie is the soul of UNI-®.” said co-founder Goh of Wu. “Without her, there would be no UNI-®.” Without a doubt, Wu’s personality is the best embodiment of the brand’s philosophy—simple, down-to-earth and full of love.

As the CEO of the Singapore skincare brand UNI-®, Goh leverages on his 15 years’ worth of experience in the international branding sector and a remarkable keenness to consumer trends. He oversaw the growth of the UNI-® brand, which was steered by a strong sense of aesthetics and a long-term vision. “We strongly believe in the prospect of UNI-® becoming an international skincare brand,” said Goh.

In the pipelines are additional lines to UNI-®’s existing skincare range, with a continued emphasis on natural, repair, renewal and anti-aging.

Singapore skincare brand UNI-® invites you to rediscover the original wonder of your skin’s extraordinary healing abilities today.