V-Club, VIVIANNA.J — Leading Exquisite Living

As a high-end jewelry brand, VIVIANNA.J has always been committed to help others develop their own unique beauty and establish a lifestyle which is both sincere and exquisite. An exquisite lifestyle is the secret desire of many an urban woman, awaiting kindling and exploration with a group of like-minded friends. VIVIANNA.J exists for beauty and is a leader not only in the setting up of an exquisite lifestyle, but also as a nexus for the confluence of all that is beautiful.

VIVIANNA.J’s studio is the perfect place to be inducted into the exquisite lifestyle. Located at Singapore’s Marina Bay, it gazes at the iconic and opulent Marina Bay Sands hotel and is surrounded by towering commercial skyscrapers. Through the expansive wall-length windows, one is mesmerized by the gorgeous panoramic view of the shoreline. Snuggled in the commercial hub, flanked by shoreline and skyscrapers, the studio is a secret oasis, elegant and serene in the hustle and bustle of the financial center. In this magical enclave, imaginations are born and ideas are conceived of unique jewelry pieces, which are then turned into reality. VIVIANNA.J listens to each customer’s bespoke preferences and customizes each bespoke jewelry piece after your very own heart.

V-Club is an exquisite life exploration platform established by VIVIANNA.J. Here, you may encounter many members also in pursuit of an exquisite lifestyle. Through discussion and sharing of experiences, you can learn from others and discover new methods and perspectives. Furthermore, V-club is also a platform to assist the assimilation of new immigrants into their communities. There’s a group of people here with the same aspirations as you, whose strengths are in crafting the best life on unfamiliar ground 一 they will be your guides to forging your path towards an exquisite life here.

Taste is in the details of living. V-Club conducts activities and workshops to teach the art of exquisite living. The resplendent shoreline outside the wall-length windows bears witness to our rendezvous with photography experts, who guide members through the art of capturing the perfect moments at perfect angles, and to edit these photos for elevated aesthetic. Acquired photo-taking and photo-editing skills are the best aides to capturing beautiful and lasting moments on future trips and adventures, culminating in a collection of exquisite memories.

On Mothers’ Day, VIVIANNA.J invited a professional floral designer to our studio as a treat for our members. In our serene studio, with wafts of floral fragrance and the aroma of pastries sweetening the air, our members created beautiful floral arrangements. It is these moments, full of life, which embellish and refine our lives, making it exquisite.

The goblets in the glass cabinets are participants in the fleeting moments of alcohol appreciation. The sommelier introduces us to the world of fine red wine, sharing his knowledge of fine wine and the joys of wine-tasting. Our ladies banter joyously while enjoying the sweet red wine ⁠— elevating themselves into the art of exquisite living as the aroma of sweet wine infuses the room and our souls.

These countless compelling moments are pieces of patchwork that culminate in the lifestyle that V-Club espouses — to live for beauty, to be united by the pursuit of exquisiteness. At VIVIANNA.J, our vigorous creativity is driven by beauty. At V-Club, our strength and determination to not just live but thrive on these unfamiliar grounds is driven by our common pursuit of the exquisite lifestyle