Nowadays, people are paying more attention to fashion accessories. The ideal combination requires jewelry and clothing to complement each other well, and for the entire ensemble to be simple and clear-cut without being overly flamboyant.

VIVIANNA.J is committed to providing women with tasteful and personalized jewelry. Compared to earrings, necklaces and bracelets, brooches are a type of jewelry that many people do not adorn their outfit with. The most renowned figure who wears a brooch regularly is Queen Elizabeth. Her “brooch addiction” has spearheaded an iconic fashion trend in Britain. However, the first royal jewelry was sported by Spanish Queen Letizia in 2004 -- a ruby-studded brooch from her grandmother Maria. Brooches are not merely a fashion statement, but also displays the wearer’s taste through its intricate design. Wearing a brooch can greatly enhance the wearer's entire outfit and countenance.

With a gamut of brooch choices, how do you choose an ideal one to complement your ensemble?

VIVIANNA.J is happy to share with you several tips. Besides the most common way of wearing it, which is on the chest, brooches can also be used as embellishments around the waist to highlight the figure or cleverly outline the shape of the skirt

You may adorn a necklace with a flower-shaped brooch which can make a single-tone shirt look more vibrant colorful or turn an ordinary hat into a more stylish one. The brooch can also be “repurposed” into a hair clip or an accessory on a wedding dress. The prominent details of the brooch renders the attire more sophisticated.

The selection of an exquisite brooch can highlight the intrinsic wisdom of women. VIVIANNA.J aims to design more chic and personalized brooches for every girl who aspires to be even more beautiful. Here are a few exclusive brooches which are intricately designed by VIVIANNA.J.

This particular collection features red coral stones. The round and streamlined curves outline the shapes of the dragonflies and swans. They are simple yet playful, and certainly extremely eye-catching. These brooches are easy to match with any outfit.

For this peacock collection, the designer has drawn the bird in freehand. The main colors featured are white, blue and gold. The feathers are connected by slender curves. The slender curvaceousness of the peacock’s head peaks at its golden crown. It is also adorned with glistening white pearls and sparkling diamonds. It’s truly a unique brooch.

The brooch represents the temperament and wisdom of a woman. It reflects a woman’s generosity and gentleness. VIVIANNA.J has always prided itself on high quality, impeccable design and lovingly handmade. The beauty of fairy tales is not only fiction. VIVIANNA.J will help you achieve your jewelry dreams. VIVIANNA.J is committed to making every customer satisfied with their personalized desires. We aim to craft a perfect brooch to complement every woman’s aura.